About Us

Our board of directors has been obviously perspicacious to have identified omnipotence which is the key ingredient for Business with ethicality. The board believes in innovation that applies to business as business is inextricably linked with marketing. Marketing is purely based on the way how human mentality behaves. That’s the reason where the board has never been diffident to introduce innovative or creative concepts.

Thereafter we had to choose the correct candidates to enable them into their appropriate positions. It took quite a long period to recognize the enthusiasm in them and whoever who possessed the qualification to become a team player was selected. Then our most challenging task was to enable them into the right place. However the orchestra was formulated, after immense training sessions to orchestrate. All our team players were qualified but needed to be motivated to work as a one team, focused to hit the target. Target is nothing else but serving the customer as a king. After enormous effort, all our members are confidently prepared to serve the customer to their best of the aspirations. Thereby, all are dedicated to enliven the promise of the business, without making the slightest mistake and satisfy the customer to their best, in view of reaping a prestigious reputation.


Our App is a helpmate to everybody
If you want to change from where you are, Change for the better side of the world and learn the numerous benefits you can enjoy when you only believe in yourself, that it is possible, thereafter you can actually realize. Realizing means experience. You have to explore while storming your brains to realize by believing in the belief that any goal could be won. Adaption Of innovation in to your brain system is the success. Then, innovation is the master key to open up your dream to become realistic.

The Objective

  • To continuously maximize production and profitable revenues.
  • It is about the use of innovation and leadership techniques, used all over the world. It is these best practices that make it unmatched.
  • This process is about behavior change, and holds the key to change.

Innovation in Marketing

  • Addition of features, functions and value to the existing products and services.
  • Conceptualization of new products, their design speed to market and delivery.
  • Improvement of the packaging for customer convenience, safety, product presentation, dispensing and disposal.
  • Creative advertising and promotion, consistent with law and ethics.
  • Better use of existing channels of distribution, innovating new channels and triggering innovation by the dealers.

Innovation in Finance

  • Innovate to control and reduce the end unit cost of materials, energy, labor, depreciation, interest and other over-head costs.
  • Improve working capital management. Speed up the cash cycle by reducing lead times in procurement, conversion, dispatch and collection.
  • Mobilize equity and debt funds, at optimal cost and risk, through a variety of innovative instruments and derivatives, from domestic and global capital markets.
  • Look for acquisition candidates. Design innovative packages of financing the major.
  • If there are businesses to be hived off and sold, find innovative routes to maximize value and cash flow and minimize tax and other outflows.
Note: Likewise there are three other major departments in innovation. They are

1. Innovation in manufacturing and technology
2. Innovation in human resources management
3. Innovation in systems

These sectors also have to be added with rules and methods of innovation that can significantly boost up the improvement of the aforementioned three subjects. Please be intelligent to get connected with “ WE KNOW “ which provides a vast number of great opportunities by being innovative.

May Everybody Succeed with We Know !!


Diversification towards the utmost convenience in the era, to all who seek the best through modern technology with innovative initiation.


Enhance the capacity of endurance in the powerfully concatenated business system, designed to cater a large number of honest and enthusiastic, service seekers. Thereafter to supply the speculated demand of the credible customers with attention and responsibility, for everybody to realize that this is the most effective and the successful package, since the others don’t Know What WE KNOW.

App & Advantages

A brief description about “ WE KNOW ” App and the nature of the Business

The company was highly optimistic to introduce an innovative concept as a genial Business, Then we became extremely glad and highly spirited over his Excellency the President of SriLanka’s predominant knowledge where we briskly initiated the necessary steps to formulate “ We Know”. As we were perspicacious to realize that this app could certainly change the life style of Sri Lankans.

Today, mobile phone is one of the key devices to browse internet and communicate to each other through social media. Mobile phones are exceeding computers due to adaptability of Apps into mobile phones and many other features, almost what web pages could provide in - order to serve stake holders.

Hindrance of Google search such as typing the appropriate requirement in English has been facilitated or altered to Tamil and Sinhalese (preferred language) as a relieving option to hurdle the language barrier.

Vital advantages of “Weknow” app

  • It covers all needs of individuals, groups and organizations in their day to day work.
  • The App “Weknow” covers all potenive needs of smart phone users while halting the need of storing many other Apps in to your phone.
  • Browsing to reach any kind of a professional, firm, cooperation, organization or any other requirement of a place, including a taxi service with direction in the map, contact details, photographs, of the particular person and etc are methodically facilitated for your convenience.
  • Categorized searching facility to avoid typing errors and experience a trouble free convenience.
  • All information is translated to your preferred language, where no English knowledge is required for browsing.
  • “Weknow” App could be instantly installed in to your smart phone free of charge from play store or App store.
  • Linking ‘’WeKnow” App with Government Ministries/Departments/ Corporations and other state institutes in order to provide a further better service.

Business Concept

Elucidation of a timely desire through a precisely formulated Business concept

  • CLP Ceylon Ltd is a public limited company incorporated in the month of August in 2017, as a national level IT service organization. Our company is a team, motivated to accomplish the utmost best with IT, that could help construct a brilliant environment for people who do anxiously look forward to achieve incisive solutions through innovation and modern technology.
  • Although our company did possess few favorable business plans, which got variable, thereafter got stagnated due to non-availability of proper appreciation and encouragement for business in the IT field.
  • His Excellency getting elected as a noble President for Sri-Lanka, has inspired the whole nation’s hopes, especially our company, being in the IT field got distinctively instigated to plan and implement a unique service.
  • Our company has valiantly developed an App to procure an excellent service to consumer to enjoy the most advantageous and easiest system to overcome the human needs with a touch to this most astonishing App which, the sovereignly of the consumer is secured as a promise in the competitive Business arena.
  • Name of the App - We Know , does symbolize or mean, that this App knows about everything and anything regarding human needs.
  • The company’s painstaking effort has succeeded in creating diversification towards the most apprehensible convenience for all who seek the best through modern technology, probably for this type of exhilarated, comprehensive App.

Some more features in terms of what the Company anticipates

  • Subscribers of this amazing App can easily search any particular place, contact details, photos of their product and etc.
  • Service in three languages (Sinhala/Tamil/English).
  • Very low investment to promote any product and provide services among the potentive customer.
  • Increase revenue as well as profits of the organization by maximizing a larger clientele.
  • No need of moving business places closer to main roads/main towns or to easy accessable spots in terms of increasing the customer base, as this App could easily connect the expected potential.
  • As the App “WeKnow” is an in-house developed mobile app, any requested change or an improvement according to the need of the subscriber could be quickly provided.
  • The revolutionary diversity in Business with an all-inclusive package, shall change the general style of people’s thinking and in the meantime shall open up avenues and save time, money and reduce stress by preserving energy of the human being by permitting the brain to allocate your efforts towards many other activities.

Prevalent situation of the gallant progress

CLP Ceylon Ltd has already appointed efficient officers to visit all business locations island wide and register the locations with accurate mapping and other necessary credentials in order to concatenate a notable perfection. We are currently on the verge of completing the elementary data while charging an annual fee of Rs.1950/= per location. This fee is valid for one year, thereafter renewable hence forth.

Prominency of the Governmental bodies or their significant role in terms of connectivity with this omnifarious result oriented APP.

Since, most of the Government bodies are non-profitable organizations, CLP Ceylon Ltd. does not expect any profit from the government, but expects to cover only the operational cost as a life time payment.

CLP Ceylon Ltd, being a versatile company teamed up with eminent and creative members to achieve efficacious results is dedicated to provide the best services.

Director Operations
( Chathura Pallewatte )